Blythburgh Priory, Blythburgh, Suffolk
Blythburgh Priory, Blythburgh, Suffolk
House Renovations

Whilst the main thrust of this record is about a history of a site that takes us back over 1300 years, there is also a modern domestic history that for many generations was simply a house and a home in Blythburgh – ‘Priory Place’ in the day of Seymour Lucas and latterly ‘The Priory’.

2006 saw the commencement of nearly 10 years of repairs and upgrades to the property. It has been a major overhaul and one that needed to be carried out very sensitively if the history of the building was to be preserved and recognisable. It is always a difficult issue to decide exactly what actually are you trying to preserve, not least of all, because the house enjoyed a few hundred years or so of life long before Seymour Lucas arrived on the scene.

But, it was undoubtedly Seymour Lucas who had put his stamp on the property and the deserved Grade 2 listing, so Arts and Crafts it is with a contemporary twist.

The following thumbnails give a hint of the extent of the repairs that were required.